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With “Art Rooms” make your establishment more appealing!

Opening you accommodations to contemporary Art will ensure recognition, originality and excellence. The fame of the invited artists will greatly enrich the reputation of your establishment.

“Art Rooms” is an ambitious and innovative artistic concept. Artists and architects work closely together to turn a functional and common place hotel accommodation into an original and unique environment. It will give your clientele the opportunity to view and “live” contemporary art outside of the places usually dedicated to it.

The concept will appeal to art buffs, art collectors and aesthetes in search of new experiences, to those fond of anything “trendy”, to business people weary of standardisation, clients eager to be aroused by an exceptional “ambiance”.

The artist, in close collaboration with the architect, creates an exclusive achievement, thus offering future clients a unique visit.

Each room bears the name of the artist and of the assisting architect. The ordering party can give them a free hand or ask them to work toward  a specific theme. They design the work taking into consideration the particularities of the establishment as well as the possible constraints.
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